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‘ELLE' is a 15 minute short film following a young girl as she discovers her dream of becoming a professional dancer and an unusual diagnosis of memory loss that could prevent her from achieving it.’

Elle is a naturally talented and unique dancer, but only has the opportunity to dance at free classes lead by dance enthusiast and eccentric Miss Ramon. The classes are held in a dilapidated but beautiful theatre, which will soon be destroyed and developed into flats, putting Elle’s future as a dancer into question.


The film highlights the issues in the UK’s education system neglecting arts and cutting it out of the school curriculum, as Elle experiences in her school, and the increasing number of historically important arts venues and communities forced to be shut or torn down to make room for flats and offices. The memory loss in this film is a representation of the creative arts diminishing from classrooms, children losing access to art, music, dance and drama and their natural curiosity for creativity in the modern world. The inevitable result is young people cannot access or learn to appreciate the arts, it’s importance and aspire to work in it when they grow up.

- To see full film, request password by emailing at:

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